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“Knowing that I’m making a difference, by protecting a levee and helping a community for the better. I think that’s what makes it a great experience for me,” said Sacramento Corpsmember Echo Rivera. 

As winter storms and atmospheric rivers approach California once again, young adults in the California Conservation Corps are ready to respond to any emergencies that arise. Corpsmembers at all 25 CCC centers are trained so they can be called upon to help communities impacted by floods and storms. 

Echo remembers all the hard work she put in during the prior flood season. Her crew helped place miles of plastic liner, called visqueen, alongside a levee to combat erosion from rising waters. 

“This year, I know what to expect. I’m a bit more familiar with everything, so I’m able to guide my crew and show them how it’s done.”

If you are interested in dipping your toes into emergency response and exploring careers with partners such as FEMA or the California Department of Water Resources, join the CCC by visiting


“The California Conservation Corps allowed me to not only be part of the work but also start talking to people that can help me get through the door,” said Corpsmember Azucena “Oz” Peraza.

During a CCC Statewide Trails project at El Capitán State Beach, Oz used chisels, hammers, and drills to build new pathways for park visitors to enjoy. All the while, they became exposed to numerous career opportunities offered by California State Parks.

“We were working directly with the State Parks’ Statewide Trails Crew,” said Oz. “I didn’t know they existed until I started working with the CCC.” In addition, Oz connected with rangers who visited the project site, which gave them direct insight into their career of interest.

Each year, the California Conservation Corps helps many young adults like Oz develop job skills, navigate career opportunities, and earn scholarships to support personal and professional growth.

If you, or someone you know, wants a career conserving California’s outdoor spaces consider enrolling in the CCC today.

How can you give back to the Hispanic Community?

How can you give back to the Hispanic Community?

Volunteer at SCORE serving the Hispanic Community and causes in ways that it uses your talent and expertise. Establish a circle with friends within your own social or professional network, and support nonprofits that serve Hispanics and other community groups.

Become a mentor for the Hispanic Community at:

Join Hispanic entrepreneurs networking circle at: and submit your contact information and name of your business.


Hispanic Business Growth

There are nearly five million Hispanic-owned businesses throughout the country, and they contribute more than $800 billion to the American economy each year, according to SCORE’s analysis. Not only that, but Hispanic small businesses also employ about three million workers, with more than $100 billion in annual payroll

With a projected population over 66.5MM in 2023 and a Consumer Buying Power exceeding $2T, Hispanic Americans will represent over 20% of the total U.S. population and will become 22% of our nation’s population over the next 5 years.



“The CCC has allowed me to take on so many new opportunities that I didn’t see myself doing. Since I joined, I’m more confident that I can do these things,” said Corpsmember AJ Nared.

Things like cutting fire line, cooking a meal, felling trees, and restoring fish habitat are all possible in the CCC. Corpsmembers receive a monthly stipend of $2,700, the chance to earn scholarships and, most importantly, the opportunity to test out possible careers and learn what it takes to be successful. And, there’s no experience required to enroll. You just need to be 18 to 25 or a military veteran 29 or younger.

“I just finished my first month and I’ve been exposed to a lot of new skills that I didn’t have the chance to develop at home,” said Corpsmember Franklin Bertellotti. “The opportunity to learn has been phenomenal for me. I’m excited to see what else I can learn as we go.”

In the California Conservation Corps, young adults can develop the drive and work ethic to find their footing, confidence, and future career.

Unsung Heroes: Veronica Caufield

Mrs. Veronica Caufield was born and raised in Sanger Ca. She is the daughter of Jose and Josefina Villalobos, and has loving and caring sisters who motivate her and make her laugh every day! She has been married to a loving and understanding husband for 25 years. Together they have four incredible children whom they are very proud of and whom she loves with all her heart.

She is a graduate of Sanger High School and California State University, Fresno where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies and Master of Education in Cross-cultural Teaching. She has served the community of Parlier for 25 years working in various roles in Parlier Unified. She was nominated as FCOE Educator of the Year in 2013 and nominated as FCOE Administrator of the Year in 2020.

Mrs. Caufield is intentional in providing opportunities for all students and team members in order to build capacity in social-emotional and instructional skills and practices. She is a lifelong learner always looking for new ways of establishing a positive learning environment and promoting a growth mindset in a supportive and caring space.

Unsung Heroes: Over Color Design/Print

Founded in 1998 by Dwayne and Vanessa Ferguson, Over Color Design/Print is a local marketing company that specializes in web design, promotions, logos, custom t-shirts, commercials and social media with a concentration in nonprofits and small businesses. The company’s goal is to provide the same services a large corporation would receive but on a nonprofit or new company budget.

Because small businesses struggle to compete against large corporations when it comes to branding and exposure, Over Color donates a lot of their services and time to help these companies avoid the large expenses. Nonprofits provide such a great service to our community, and Over Color feels that by providing marketing assistance, they can help spread their information to make our community a better place.