Brandie Carpenter Discusses The Latina Women’s Conference On ABC30

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) — Central California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is prepping for its annual Latina Women’s Conference this summer.

CCHCC President Brandie Carpenter shared details with Latino Life host Graciela Moreno on June 5.

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Naun Garcia – Inpower Marketing

“We always put our customer first and work to be their marketing department, by consistently doing excellent work we look forward to having satisfied customers,” explains Naun Garcia owner and developer of Inpower Marketing. Their growing list of enthusiastic clients speaks for itself, but they never rest on past successes, they expect excellence from themselves and that is proving to be a sound business plan. Naun is a Kingsburg CA. native and graduated from high school with a love of computers and what they could do to help society. This love and his desire to learn more about this technology that he could see affecting all of our lives in the future helped him decide to major in computer science at Fresno State. While still a student there he began doing computer and marketing work parttime to help put him through college and it was a wise decision because it lead to him earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Information Systems at California State University, Fresno. Inpower Marketing has come to realize that many businesses do not have enough work for an in house computer specialist to do marketing, websites, E-Commerce etc. so they fill the gap by taking care of that for small business so that the businesses get the best results for a fair price. They are now growing each month by the great referrals they get from satisfied customers. Naun says, “that fortunately, great work speaks for itself.” He has a staff of four and they are each specialist in different areas. A couple of years ago Naun and Inpower Marketing joined the Central California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and it has been a mutually beneficial alignment. He created their very professional website and he is now a board member as well. One of his goals is to keep the chamber “in synch with all the latest technology” and thus keeping them constantly current. Naun emphasizes that Inpower Marketing enjoys working for any size business and for any budget because from time to time every business needs some technology and it is a relief to engage with someone that knows what they are doing and will fill that need for them.


Jess Rodriguez
Hispanic Profiles Magazine 
July 2018 – Summer Edition

Belen Sanchez – CEJA

One of the reasons Belen Sanchez joined the local Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is that she likes to help others. You might say she is paying it forward. “My family helped me a lot when I started my insurance business and it seems to be a good thing to pass it on.” Belen is a true Fresnan attending local grammar schools and graduating from Duncan High School, Fresno City College, and Fresno State.

She got a lot of business training at her mother’s restaurant, Julia’s, and used that knowledge to treat people right and be a helper to her community. It is notable that she met her husband in high school and they have been together ever since. She is also a volunteer at SCORE and helps guide new business owners to be successful. Belen says, “it is a good idea to join the CCHCC (Central California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce) because there is a lot of good information shared there that can help business people grow.” She adds that the networking is excellent and it is like a “small business community that helps each other.”

Belen likes to help new business owners and even tells people considering a business that they should “have confidence, show their talent, and help others when they can.” Besides all this she is a dedicated wife and mother of three successful children and is excited about their future as well.

She is the owner of Belen Sanchez Insurance Agency here in Fresno.

Amir Orozco Khajavi – Founder of REZCOM

He is a true entrepreneur and loves to help others as a business consultant. Amir is a product of the Fresno Unified School system and a graduate of Bullard High School. He says he has always imagined himself as self-employed and has successfully followed that dream. He attended Fresno City College and graduated in the field of Legal Studies. He is also a graduate of Kaplan University. He has also always been involved in leadership training from high school into college and the private sector.

His first business was a pressure washing business that cleaned commercial buildings. It grew quickly and he sold it. Then he started a paralegal business that became a business consulting firm. One of his most interesting businesses was his Mobile Video Game business that would go to the house of kids having a party and let them enter into a big truck to play video games; too cool. After that endeavor he focused his time on helping his dad open one of Fresno’s most successful restaurants.

In 2014 Amir attended some very successful networking functions in the bay area and believed that would be a hit in Fresno and he was right. That same year he started REZCOM a professional nonpolitical business promoting networking to improve individual businesses. He started with two businesses and it has grown to 300 today. The benefit to members is to provide professional long lasting relationships to help ones business to succeed. For more information go to; you will be glad you did.

Perhaps Amir’s zeal for life and business comes from the many years he was a youth minister and evangelist. He definitely learned a lot about working with people and he loves passing that on to others. In addition to that he has been married for twenty years and he and his wife have five children. He even finds time to be on the board of the Central California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce where he is the chairman of the Ambassadors group. He advises those interested in being in business for themselves to invest in personal development. Read about successful titans of industry and listen to motivational programs. Beware of not letting self-doubt cloud your mind or your enthusiasm; think positive and — go for it!

Albenis Curiel – Au Autmotive

Albenis Curiel is a native Californian who is a hard worker who likes to help people and grow his business. He is co-owner and CEO of Au Auto Repair. He puts the customer first and works hard to do a great job and create return customers. He is a graduate of the Santa Clara University school of Engineering and moved to Fresno because he is familiar with the area having attended Clovis West High School.

He has a very positive attitude and has joined the Board of Directors of the Central California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce because he wants to grow his business and help others do the same. He got started in a very different field after finishing college. He began with the sale of medical equipment and then moved on to aircraft engines and finally got involved in the water treatment industry before meeting up with an old friend who lived in Fresno and was in the auto repair business. As they say one thing led to another and their mutual zeal for the auto industry got them into auto repair and they have grown steadily. They are about to celebrate their first year of business and they are looking at steady growth.

Albenis was raised in an entrepreneurial family, both of his parents owned a business and he saw that as his path as well. He is striving to succeed where he is at and then looks forward to future businesses as well. His mission is to set the “gold standard” in auto repair, thus the symbol Au (for gold). His goal is to create longterm relationships with clients by always following the golden rule of treating others the he wants to be treated.

He advises other people wanting to start a business to find a mentor to guide you and help you. “That can be a major springboard to doing it right.” When you have questions reach out to others or chamber members that have experience. In a parting thought Albenis says, “one should not work constantly or you will burn out, take a vacation and many of your questions will work themselves out at that time.”

Hispanic Profiles Magazine – A Vice President With Great Goals: Eddie Castaneda

Eddie Castaneda is a very enthusiastic leader of the Central California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. He is currently the Vice President and has worked his way up from chamber member to board member to secretary, treasurer, and now VP. He is a hard worker and does all he can to make the chamber as successful as possible. Keep in mind that being an officer is a volunteer position so we tip our hats to all the officers. He is a valley native and was born in Fowler and later moved to Fresno where he attended local grammar schools and then attended St. Therese and graduated from San Joaquin Memorial High School. He says he got married at nineteen marrying his high school sweetheart. He initially got involved in his families business that specializes in imports. He enjoyed that, but got an offer to work with the city of Fresno and accepted the opportunity. A few years into this work he got a call from Comcast, they were looking for a bilingual person to work with their clients. He thought that might be an interesting challenge and now he has been there for over a decade. Eddie is always moving forward and completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration focusing on entrepreneurship. He likes to say that, “business is in my blood.” That is one reason that he loves working with local business people and helping through his chamber contacts. He likes to show them new ideas and ways of growing their business. With all the responsibilities he has Eddie always puts his family first working together with his wife to raise two daughters, that are in college, and an energetic son in the sixth grade. He is excited about helping the chamber grow and make it like a “family” for all concerned. He adds, “people can learn a lot just from the connections they make during our networking mixers.” One of his goals is to reach out and make partnership relationships with local groups like REZCOM and SCORE. With people learning to work together it will improve their businesses and help them grow as individuals that can also turn around and help others. Eddie also likes to work with young groups like the business student groups at the local colleges and enjoys mentoring and letting them know that if “they put in the time and effort it will open up new vistas for them and they will be able to succeed through those efforts.”

Hispanic Profiles Magazine – Enthusiastic Board Member: Sheryl Ramos

Sheryl Ramos is not only an energetic individual but she is “full of passion” for her participation in the Central California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. She is on the board of directors and is very active in the ambassador’s group that is part of the chamber. She takes her enthusiasm to work with her as a professional realtor at CHC Realty here in Fresno. She is a Fresno native and a graduate of Roosevelt High School. After attending college she raised four children and then decided it was time to put her enthusiasm to work as a professional and doing whatever she could to improve her community. She is a real “people person” and has taught her children to be mindful of giving back to the community whenever they can. It was her participation in a Toastmasters class that got her connected to the Hispanic Chamber. She says, “some of the officers attended a meeting when I was giving a speech and were so pleased that they recruited me to join the chamber.” Sheryl is now in charge of the Amigo Luncheons and is looking forward to the great presentations that are made there each month. She is a very hard working volunteer and believes that all work that plants seeds in the community for improvement are a very good thing. “There is going to be a surge in membership this year because we have a lot of exciting events coming up that will benefit the local businesses that attend and/or participate. She says,” the chamber supports all other chambers and we derive membership from the city of Fresno and Fresno County. We will be getting the word out this year on our member businesses through social media and direct people to visit them.” She remains very positive about the chamber and loves serving the community as well as her personal real estate clients. The day that one meets Sheryl Ramos is a very good day.

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