Growing up in the United States as the daughter of successful immigrant who has been an entrepreneur has allowed me to see the challenges and the rewards of owning your own business from an early age.

Even as a young child I knew what success looked like and as an adult I strive constantly for it by  working hard, being persistent and caring about who you are and what you do regardless of what life throws your way.  Since the young age of 16, I have been blessed by the different career and entrepreneur opportunities. I have worked for large corporations like Sears, Ford, Toyota and I have also worked in the financial world in Lending and as Realtor.  All of that in the end led me to Insurance and after 10 years I have been blessed with the opportunity of owning my own Agency with Allstate.

I will always be thankful to my wonderful family and friends for their support and especially to the hard working people involved in the Central California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.  It is through CCHCC first as an Ambassador, then as a Board Member and today serving as an Officer that I have further grown professionally by establishing great connections and having received the amazing support from many members in our business and professional community.  This Chamber offers a great deal to its members and its community and I am honored to be a part of it.