Jose Viveros be the change you wish to see in the world! ​Mahatma Gandhi. EXPERIENCE PEQUENOS EMPRESARIOS INC, ​Madera,CA. — ​AASEPT 2015 – PRESENTP art-time administrative auxiliar. Help develop the strategies and supervise fundraising activities.CENTRAL VALLEY SCORE, ​Fresno, CA​. ​— ​Volunteer FEBRUARY 2017 – PRESENT. To help educate people about how to start a business and how to keep a healthy business administration and finances. ANAVISA GROUP, ​Madera, CA.— ​Administrator OCT 2011 – PRESENT. To auxiliate to the activities of developing strategies to make sales and administrative activities. Accounting activities.EDUCATION FRESNO CITY COLLEGE, ​Fresno, CA. — ​IPJAN 2017 – JAN 2019 Full accounting Certificate, develop and maintain accounting books, ledgers and bookkeeping. Organize clients accounts, customer service. FRESNO CITY COLLEGE, ​Fresno, CA. — ​IPJAN 2017 – DEC 2019Business Administration ASC. Accounting ASC. SKILLS – Accounting Public Relations Administration Customer Service ComputerKeyboard 78 wpm AWARDS TRAINER/FACILITATOR​ 2018To facilitate onboard training and other capacitation training_ BOB PIKE ASDA. COACH CERTIFICATION​ 2017 Facilitate support and training to achieve goals. QCC John Hanley Academy Excel​ Create and develop worksheets and workbooks.Word Processor ​Develop professional letters and emails. LANGUAGES ENGLISH & SPANISH