Born on February 16, 1970, in Tijuana, Mexico and raised in Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico. For the first 13 years of my life, I was blessed to be raised by a family of print entrepreneurs. I learned the craft of printing as a young child. I was an errand boy and press helper in the beginning until my craft became good enough to operate machinery. I migrated to the U.S. at the age of 13 to Huntington Park, California where I lived and learned how to acclimate the American lifestyle. Though at a young age I came to the U.S. to work and acquire the American dream, I was given opportunities in construction, restaurant stores, and warehouse trade in L.A. My work habits were polished due to my upbringing in Mexico which made me an easy candidate for promotions. However, I would find myself thinking about printing on a daily basis which led me to start my own company in L.A. I hit the pavement running fast and gained customers like Sam’s Club and many small brick and mortar businesses.

Though my company was successful and I enjoyed the benefits of my labor, I was still missing one key element in my life. My family, who lived in Fresno, CA and Twin Falls, Idaho. My brother lived in Twin Falls and had a restaurant that was not doing very well. I saw this as an opportunity to step in and help. Within 7 months I helped my brother save the restaurant and continue his business. My next quest was to move to Fresno where my mother, sister, and younger brothers lived, so I made the journey back to California. Once again, my printing background provided me many opportunities for employment. I joined Minuteman Press and quickly moved up the ranks to production manager. I remained with Minuteman Press for 7 years until I decided to reignite my entrepreneurial spirit. I decided to open a company in Fresno with a partner. We started Impress Printing in 1996 and in 2016 we parted ways. I started Colortron Graphics and was able to maintain many of my customers such as Univision, Lotus Communication and many other small and large businesses.

My experience and ability to overcome many obstacles in business and life has prepared me to serve the Latino business community. I have many ideas and a supporting nature that will enable me to further the mission and goals of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. It will be an honor to fulfill the many tasks awaiting us.