Conrad Kimball was born and raised in Fullerton, CA. After graduating from Sunny Hills High School in 2013 he attended Fresno State University with a B.S. in Business Administration.

While at school, Conrad was involved with over 12 different organization – including the Financial Management Association, the Entrepreneur Mentor Program, and the Entrepreneurship Club. During his tenure at Fresno State, he raised over $110k in financial and in-kind donations towards student entrepreneurial endeavors.

Conrad finds fulfillment in serving the Central Valley Community and has been involved as a volunteer with LiveAgain Fresno – a non-profit assisting children living in Motel Row by providing meals and educational programming.

Upon graduation, Conrad decided to start an Alumni Chapter for Entrepreneurship at Fresno State. He has since started a non-profit – Entrepreneurship Fresno – that connects resources and programs offered in the Central Valley to local entrepreneurs in order to create a more unified entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Conrad is a partner at Next-Gen Escape; an Escape Room in Fresno focused on corporate team-building activities.